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RI Web Solutions serves Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Get all your web design and development needs done in one place. We offer custom websites at competitive prices. We handle everything from hosting your site, design and building, custom implementations, SEO optimization, Ecommerce, social media, and any Digital Marketing needs.

Core Services

Where everything starts


We provide several different hosting packages catered to your need to ensure you aren’t paying for what you don’t.

Web Design/Development

We carefully handcraft every website we make.  Our developers are world class and we pay special attention to ensuring your website is not only developed properly but is also optimized and ready for the world wide web. You can trust us with all your Web Design and Development needs.

API Integration

Everything and everyone are connected nowadays. This means your applications and website can be too. We provide or assist with API integration for any of your existing applications. This can be anything from connecting your CRM to your website, Text messages for new orders, Payment processor to your money management software, etc.


We provide support through consultations, coaching sessions, and a vast library of resources, including articles, videos, and infographics.

SEO Optimization

We provide expert consultation and implementation for your SEO optimization needs.

Monthly Maintenance

We offer a range of services monthly maintenance services that can include monitoring your site’s performance, fixing bugs and errors, optimizing the site’s speed and functionality, and ensuring that the site is fully compliant with the latest web standards. We also take care of updates, security patches, backups, or any other technical task required to keep your website running smoothly. This way you only have to focus on your business!

Additional Services Provided

Let us take the burden from you

Custom UX/UI Design

We don’t use cookie cutter templates.  Instead we create a custom user interface and user experience driven design that fits your brand and your needs.

3rd Party Integration

Most websites today need some kind of integration with 3rd party service providers. Whether that’s payments, CRMs, subscription portals, or what have you.  We integrate these systems directly into your website to ensure continuity of service and an optimal experience for your users.

Branding made easy

We create a branding playbook that conveniently contains all your logos, typography selections, colors, and more that we use for every aspect of your project.  And you get to keep it and use for any other marketing items you may need!

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